U159 license calculator
Parameter Value
Data rate for input signals [Mbps]

Calculated by number of input streams.
If not set, calculation based
on the number of output signals.
Doubled, if input signal redundancy used.
Maximum limit of U159 - 3400 Mbps.

Output frequencies (16...112, step 8)
Input signal redundancy
Input signals (SPTS, ≈10 Mbps)
Input signals (MPTS, ≈50 Mbps)
TS-Processing (MUX, PID edit/remap)
Number of CSA

Common Scrambling Algorithm.
Encryption of output signals.
Maximum 6 CSA per device.

Monitoring input/output signals
Item Additional
U159 1
U159-8CH 0
U159-RED 0
U159-DP 0
U159-SFP 1
U159-MUX 0
U159-CSA 0
U159-MON 0

Each device has per default: 16 QAM outputs and 1 data port.

Price: 103 % of U159