U159 license calculator

Parameter Value
How many output frequencies?

Minimum 16, maximum 112.
Step size of 8 according to the license model.

Using input signal redundancy?

Automatical switching to backup
input signal if main signal is lost.
Check for yes.

How many input signals as SPTS (ca. 10 Mbps)?
How many input signals as MPTS (ca. 50 Mbps)?
Data rate for input signals:

Calculated by number of input streams.
If they left empty, calculation based
on the number of output signals.
Doubled, if input signal redundancy used.
Maximum limit of U159 - 3400 MBps.

TS-Processing (MUX etc.)?

Multiplexing, Service filtering, PID edit/remap

Scrambling (encrypt output signals)?
Device/License Number
U159 1
U159-8CH 0
U159-RED 0
U159-DP 0
U159-SFP 1
U159-MUX 0
U159-CSA 0

Price: 102.84 % of U159